Package Design Concept for Kodiak Cakes in Parsons "Product, Promotion, and Packaging" course. Was tasked with redesigning an existing package we found in our local grocery store that, in our opinion, could be improved upon. In this case, I thought the spirit of Kodiak Cakes was there with there original bear graphic, it just needed some more design elements to further the mountain man, pancake eating, lumberjack feel. 
The back needed to be streamlined, it was chaotic and felt cluttered. My fix was to make the wording pop-out more and have greater contrast for an easier reading experience.  Since they already offered muffins, I chose to leave that out of the final design in order to prioritize the cookie recipe that is not offered to purchase. On the front, I wanted to capture the feeling of the Utah mountains (their HQ) with this rustic aesthetic. I included texture on the logo, made sure to emphasize the word "protein" more, and most importantly showed the pancakes themselves. 
Final ReDesign:
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